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The WaterCONNECT consortium involves international partners from private, public and research organisations working with clients to co-create local and customised solutions empowering water professionals to make better decisions. All these services are available in an online Water Control Room. This way, WaterCONNECT is helping to ensure precious water resources are sustainably managed in a water-safe environment and with sufficient clean water for us all.

Delft-FEWS and HydroNET as backbone of WaterCONNECT solutions

All around the world we are seeing more and more extreme rainfall, floods, water quality issues and drought due to climate change and the increasing global population. That’s why water professionals need to make responsible, time-critical decisions, based on recent observations and accurate predictions. WaterCONNECT offers worldwide access to reliable data, simulation models, forecasts and dashboards in support of decision-making processes for water management. The added value of WaterCONNECT is foreseen to be manifold: enhancing water security during periods of drought; minimizing costs and damage during extreme weather and climate events; implementing sustainable water use strategies; and improving the effectiveness and transparency of management processes by sharing relevant information with stakeholders.

Your integrated online solution for:

  • Drought management

  • Urban water management

  • Flood management

  • Water resources management

  • Water quality management

  • Emergency management

  • “Deltares has been involved in setting up water-management systems all around the world and has years of experience in developing and operating forecasting systems. Becoming part of the WaterCONNECT consortium means we’re helping to ensure sustainable management of precious water resources for a water-safe environment, with sufficient clean water for everyone.”
    Ron Thiemann, Director Deltares
  • “The idea of working together in a chain of water knowledge and information parties ties in closely with our policy of working with our clients to co-create climate-resilient living environments. Each party in this chain is contributing its unique expertise to produce effective local solutions to water problems.”
    Arnold Lobbrecht, CEO HydroLogic

How to benefit from your online Water Control Room in just 3 steps:

STEP 1: Join our collaborative modelling approach

Understand the information needs of staff and stakeholders and your organisation’s decision-making processes. Co-creation is key element of this interactive and iterative approach.

STEP 2: Use Delft-FEWS to structure your data streams and models

Create a dedicated Delft-FEWS configuration for your area of interest and integrate historical observations, external forecast data and model simulations.

STEP 3: Configure your online HydroNET Water Control Room

Use the HydroNET toolbox to enhance datasets. Make them available in online dashboards and reports for water professionals and stakeholders wanting to make informed decisions.

WaterCONNECT: connecting data, software, knowledge and people

WaterCONNECT welcomes dedicated partners adding value to the mission.
More information? Contact WaterCONNECT.

  • Nadine Slootjes

    Team Leader Operational Water Management at Deltares
  • Leanne Reichard

    Leanne Reichard

    Business Director at HydroLogic and HydroNET

A Deltares and HydroLogic initiative.